Karen Finley and the NEA Four

For our session on January 16, read and prepare to discuss six news articles, an excerpt from the U.S. v. Finley Supreme Court decision, and a passage from the memoir of a former NEA Chairman.

1) Washingtom Times article, 5/14/1990: [PDF]
2) New York Times article, 6/29/1990: [PDF]
3) Washington Times article, 6/30/1990: [PDF]
4) People article, 8/6/1990: [PDF]
5) Washington Times article, 8/24/1990: [PDF]
6) Excerpts from Supreme Court ruling in U.S. v. Finley, 1998: [PDF]
7) Washington Times article on reactions to the Supreme Court decision, 7/2/1998: [PDF]
8) Excerpts from John Frohnmeyer's memoir, Leaving Town Alive: [PDF]